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Time Team – 2022 Digs

It’s getting close to that time of year where we get busy preparing for and taking part in the latest Time Team digs. We all have our individual roles to play, but what makes Time Team so special is the team spirit that exists when everyone works together towards a common goal. 

You may hear other members of the team saying the same, but it’s very true that you’re often so engrossed in doing what you are there for, that you’ve no idea what goes on elsewhere. We all look forward to the programme to see just what it was all about!

Anyway, preparations are well underway and we’re looking forward to meeting some old friends again. 

In case you missed it, Time Team has been brought back thanks to subscribers on Patreon. If you’re passionate about the programme consider signing up at https://www.patreon.com/TimeTeamOfficial, there are varying levels of subscription to suit everyone. Regardless of subscription, the final programme will always be freely available on YouTube. Here are the links to last year’s digs.

Dig One: Boden Fogou (Cornwall) Series 21 – https://youtu.be/QwSz0TRVx4Y

Dig Two: Broughton Villa (Oxfordshire) Series 21 – https://youtu.be/vYCRaztndtk

On site with Time Team

On site with Time Team

The SharedPast team have all been working hard on the filming of the new Time Team episodes. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and meet all the new members of the team.

Watch out for the new shows on YouTube due to be released later this year.

For more information on Time Team and their plans, please check out their website here.

Time Team is back thanks to the support received from subscribers on Patreon, you can find out more on the Time Team Patron Channel.

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