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SharedPast, working in collaboration with the Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) and the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new archaeological project – My Place in Time ‒ in July 2021. 

But instead of digging with trowels, this project will show budding young archaeologists how the past can be discovered using maps, aerial photographs and some cool computer wizardry – and a big slice of detective work.

We will be passing on skills from professional landscape archaeologists about how to identify clues which tell us how places have changed through time, and discover evidence of the past, sometimes in the least expected places.

We will be inviting young archaeologists to choose a place that they know, or has some special meaning or memories for them, such as where they live, the local park, favourite football-team ground, a favourite archaeological site and so on – it can be anywhere they like – and then to undertake their own investigation. 

The film introducing the project was released on Saturday 24th July 2021 on the Council for British Archaeology YouTube channel, if you haven’t already seen it, take a look below.

Click here for the Project Page on the CBA website where all the project resources can be found, for convenience, the film and workshop videos can be seen directly using the links below.

My Place in Time – Short Film

Project Overview

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Have fun watching!

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