Siston Newsletter – September 2023

Glebe Field Newsletter no.4 

We are having another very busy year at the Glebe Field. As can be seen from the 3D model image we have expanded our main trench across the high resistance responses in the southeast corner of the platform. Most of the structure foundations have been robbed out and their remaining rubble spread across the site. This has left us with an almost impossible task of finding the locations of robbed out dry stonewall foundations. 

However, although not a new idea, we thought it worth trying infrared thermal imaging to attempt to find any discernable temperature difference under the rubble layer where the foundations may be. We soon realised this was not going to be straightforward; a lot more work is needed. Temperature difference exist but timing is crucial carrying out the observations during sunrise and dusk plus a great deal of patience, watch this space for results. 

However, we do have literally hundreds of artifacts scattered amongst the rubble including an arrowhead dated to mid to late Saxon and a stunning Romano British Fibula Brooch.

Mid to late Saxon arrowhead

Romano British Fibula Brooch

Finally the Glebe Field Dig will be featured on BBC’s ‘Digging for Britain’ in the New Year. Filming was great fun and to be able to show my old tutor Dr Stuart Prior around our amazing site was such a great pleasure. The film crew were very professional and guided us through the whole couple of days.

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